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KillerDraughts Engine

Dear Computer Science students,

I am interested to find out if there are any computer science students in Nairobi who would be interested to help develop an engine for a game called Killerdraughts. Killerdraughts is a new variation on the international draughts game that intends to minimize the number of draws in the traditional game.

Several engines exist for checkers and international draughts, but there are hardly any engines yet that are specifically made for Killerdraughts yet.

Working on a Killerdraughts Engine would be specifically interesting for students interested in Artificial Intelligence as the killerdraughts engine would be relying on state-of-the-art bitboard technology, game tree search algoritmes, end game database technology and opening book techology that have been developed for games such as chess, checker, draughts, go etc.

Working on this project might be suitable as an internship or a graduation project. The technologies applied to a killerdraughts engine are widely used for solving many other challenging problems.

Attached is a copy of the presetation we have prepared on the project. Please download it and read through it. Click here to download the Wingu Solutions KillerDraughts Presentation.

Anyone interested can contact our Creative Studio Team on design@wingusolutions.com


Walter Thoen

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