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Freight Exchange

Wingu Solutions has developed the FreightXchange to make it easier for shippers and transporters in Africa to find each other.

Finding sufficient return loads is a key driver of profitability in the transport industry. At the same time it is important for shippers to get goods to the markets at the lowest possible costs. FreightXchange enables both the transporter and shipper to accomplish their goals. FreighXchange is provided as a Software-as-a-Service solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution can be accessed using standard web browsers and a special version is available for use on smartphones and tables.

The FreigthXchange solution uses a number of cloud services such as SendGrid for sending e-mails to customers, Clickatell for sending SMS messages to customers and the application is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Freight Exchange


iTracker is an advanced Project Procurement Management application that has been used successfully by UTT on large infrastructure projects such as the Afam Okoloma Gas Plant project of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.

Recently a new Site Inventory Management module has been added to iTracker. This module provides a flexible inventory management system for project materials on construction sites.

Wingu Solutions is currently working on integrating the GPS tracking information from Wingu Pinpoint into iTracker solution . This will allow the project management to know exactly where all materials are at all times. Another great example of The Combined Power.


Wingu Inventory Management Sytem


Inventory Management System

Killer Draughts

Killer Draughts is a modern variation on the international draughts game. Wingu Solutions developed The Arena, a web application that allows multiple users to simultaneously play in real time against state-of-the –art computer draughts engines.

The solution uses the new ASP.NET SignalR library to allow real-time information exchange between the users browser and the draughts engines on the server. The draught engines continuously update the user about the moves it is considering.

Wingu Solution is currently expanding the functionality of The Arena to enable real-time analysis of games played between grandmasters during KillerDraughts tournaments.

The same real-time Internet technologies used for The Arena can also be used to show real-time sensor data to operators in a control room. Another good example of The Combined Power of the Research & Development activities of Wingu Solutions.

Inventory Management System

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